Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Artwork & Prints though the 19th Century

Although not a piece of art, this is the world's oldest wrestling manual fragment,
the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus (MS P.Oxy.III.466), a second century Greek
scroll describing holds and moves now at Columbia University, New York City.

Drawing for the choir of the Cistercian, Eglise de Cambria (Church of Cambria) in France, 1200-1240.
Architect- Villard de Honnecourt, from the National Museum of France (Paris)

1475 sketch of two peasants wrestling

Russian Maslentisa Festival wrestling scene

1459 folio 52r of the MS Thott.290.2º at the Royal Library in Copenhagen by Hans Talhoffer (left)
1467 folio 99r of the Codex Icon 394a at the Bavarian State Library in Munich by Hans Talhoffer (right)

1512 folio 49v of the MS 26-232 at the Albertina in Vienna by Albrecht Dürer

16th century print

Michaelangelo "Study for a Group of Wrestlers"

1500's Two Boys wrestling ink
drawing by Marcantono Raimondi

1500's Luca Signorelli drawing

1620 "Hercules Wrestling Achelous"
by Guido Reni

1600's "I Lottatori"
by Cesare Francanzano

Copper engravings by Cornelis van Dalen after Jean-Francois Perrier 1660

Men Wrestling Before a Crowd by Michael Sweerts 1640

1650 "A Wrestling Match" oil painting by Michael Sweerts

1650 Krishna and Balarama fight Kamsa wrestlers (Ancient
Stories of Lord Vishnu) India Madhya Pradesh, Malwa

undated painting

1700's Italian sketch

1771 Pierre L'Enfant charcoal drawing

1781 Breslau print

1786 print

1804 Tonga wrestling

19th century Persian print

1805-20 Northumberland match sketch

1810 English print

1820's Swiss wrestling scene

1820 Santo Inejeangros print

1824 Mulready

1825 wrestling bout, Arthur Shepard

1827 unknown print

1828 German print

1834 Chinese print

1841 Italian print

1842 Sir John Everett Millais print

1845 Indian hand colored steel engraving

1853 Gustave Courbet print

1800's "Wrestling in the Amphitheater in Nimes" by Emile Rouargue

1857 Japanese print

1863 Japanese print

1868 Laos funeral games

1870 The Wrestlers by Franz von Fregger

1870 print, Agricultural Hall in Islington, London

1873 print, Madagascar Royalty match

1872 Edward Bowring Stephens engraving

1875 Alex Falguiere print

1875 print, Wrestling at Little Bridge, Great Britain

1876 print, Grasmere Lakeland Sports, Great Britain

1876 print, Swiss wrestling scene, Munich

1876 print, Swiss wrestling match

1876 Burmese scene

1876 Jacob and the Angel by Leon Bonnat

"The Guicowar of Baroda's Wrestlers" from
The Illustrated London News, February 17, 1877

1878 Indian troups print

1885 print

1885 print

1887 Les Lutteurs by Auguste Baud-Bovy

1880's German Print

1880's German Print

1890 German Print

1888 Breton Boys Wrestling by Paul Gauguin (left, interpretation right)

unknown date, Vincent van Gogh (wrestlers overpainted)

1890 Paul Serusier, Breton wrestling

Late 1880's Anschultz drawing

1889 Friant print

1890 Friant engraving

1890 French print of a sculpture by
Alexandre Louis Marie Charpentier
Musée d'Orsay, Paris

1890 print Bauer (FR) vs. Miller (US)

1890 Hackenschmidt vs. Madgali print

1891 A Winter's Morning in Cornell

Faive print

1893 Swiss Wrestlers (unknown)

1896 The Wrestlers of the Stone Age by Stuart G. Davis

1898 Les Lutteurs by Lucien Simon

1899 French print

1899 French Print

1899 French Print

1899 Thomas Eakins sketch for final work

1899 Thomas Eakins sketch for final work

1899 Thomas Eakins painting

1899 Thomas Eakins (print?)

1899 Les Lutteurs by Carl Ernst von Stetten

1899 color print by H. B. Wieland

19th century French work

19th century Russian work

1890s Wrestlers by Iwan Johansson

1899 French print of holds

unknown Munka (Manipuri wrestling) engraving from photograph

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