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Cards Misc. Pre-1920

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1887 Allen & Ginters cigarette cards

Joe Action

Theodore Bauer

Young Bibby
(George Mehling)

J.H. McLaughlin

William Muldoon

Matahada Sorakichi

Ike Weir

common reverse

Allen & Ginter Printer Sample

Album sheet

Store ad

Series 2 1888

Theodore Bauer

Edwin Bibby

Theobaud Bauer on backing card

Edwin Bibby on backing card

common reverse of 20 pack cigarette card

1888 W.S. Kimball & Company cigarette cards, Great Britain

common reverse

Clarence Whistler

S. Muller

S. Muller reverse

William Muldoon

1888 Goodwin Old Judge cigarette cards


Joe Action

1890 N.W. Appleton card, Boston

1900 Stollwerck German card

1901 W.D. & H.O. Wills Ltd - Sports of all Nations


1901 Old Calabar Biscuit Co. Ltd. (UK) Sports and Games

1902 Ogden Greco-Roman cigarette cards, Great Britain

GR #160

GR #161

GR #162

GR #163

GR #164

GR #165

Gilbert Ladys #191

Gilbert Ladys #192

Gilbert Ladys #193


Swartwood Green

1905 British-American Tobacco Company cigarette cards, Great Britain

Danish Athletes- Choke hold, graded card
(blank backs)

Egeberg vs. Ahlkvist 1

Ahlkvist vs. Egeberg 2

Ahlkvist vs. Egeberg 3

Egeberg vs. Ahlkvist 4

Carl Fredriksen

Alex Hansen

Victor Hansen

Albert Jensen

Alex Larsen


1907 Ogden boxers & wrestlers cigarette cards, Great Britain

Peter Bannon

Willie Collins

Pat Connolly


Frank Gotch


Peter Gotz

George Hackenschmidt

"The Turk"


The set

1907 Stephen Mitche11 & Sons cigarette card, Great Britain

1908 Felix Potin Second Series cigarette card, France

1910 American Caramel
Frank Gotch

1910 Pet Mouthpiece Cigarettes
Frank Gotch

1910 C. Zbyszko, Honest Longcut Tobacco

1911 unknown Series cigarette card

Alex Munro, the Scottish Lion

1913 Players Cigarette Wrestling Cigarette Cards

1912 Olympics
world's longest match

1913 Cope Brothers & Co cigarettes
Liverpool, England - George Hackenschmidt

1915 Cuban cards

1917 Will's Cigarette cards

Card #35

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