Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Cards 1983-1985


1983 Finder Image International

Dan Gable (with rings)

Dan Gable (with stars)

Ben Peterson (with stars)

Ben Peterson (with rings)

Wade Wells (with rings)

Wade Wells (with stars)

1983 Hostess Olympians

1984 Albili Giornalino- Italy

1985 Legends of Wrestling - Banach Communications and Partners (Part I)

Ed Banach

Lou Banach

Bruce Baungartner

Doug Blubaugh

Glen Bland

Stan Dziedzic

Fred Fozzard

Steve Fraser

Dan Gable

Frank Gotch

Dan Hodge

Mike Houck

Lloyd Keaser

Lee Kemp

Frank Lewis

1984 Hostess Card

Dan Gable

1984 Anillo Perficio, Mexico

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