Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Cards 1998-2000


1998 Heroes of Wrestling - Culture House

Kurt Angle

Ernest Benion

Chris Bono

Mark Branch

Terry Brands

Tom Brands

Ray Brinzer

Randy Couture

Kendall Cross

Bobby Douglas

Rob Eiter

Tom Erikson

Rulon Gardner

Les Gutches

Dennis Hall

Dan Henderson

John Kading

Alexander Karelin

Cary Kolat

Buddy Lee

Abraham Lincoln

Steve Marianetti

Kerry McCoy

Mike Mena

Gene Mills

Marty Morgan

Lou Roselli

Dan St. John

Terry Steiner

Troy Steiner

Sheldon Thomas

Tolly Thompson

Mike van Arsdale

Barry Weldon

Jessie Whitmer

Ivan Yarygan

1999 National Coalition for Athletics Equity

Dan Gable

2000 Lithuania cards

Mindaugas Ezerskis

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