Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
SI Kids-2001 Cards

1995-2001 Sports Illustrated for Kids

Bruce Baumgartner
1995 (August)

Jeff Blatnick
1995 (December)

1996 Dan Gable (June)

Matt Hamill

1995 Pat Smith (April)

2000 John Smith

Christine Nordhagen

Tricia Saunders (#438)

2000 Cadbury Chocolates Olympics

2000 Jeff McGinnis

Jeff McGinnis

Produced by John Rauer, printed by Roox

2000 Chico Hernandez, Sombo Champion

2000-2001 Penn State Cards

Andrew Butville

Jeff Knupp

Scott Moore

Nate Wachte

2001 Grolier - Life in America

Rulon Gardner

1992-1993 Penn State Cards

Kerry McCoy

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