Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Magazines & Ads

1902 Illustrated Sports

1902 German magazine

1904 Gymnasium magazine

1906 TipTop magazines

1910s Farmer Burns ad

1911 Smith's Beard Sofner Towelettes

1911 Grape Nuts ad

1913 Police Gazette

1913 Lewis Rye- Frank Gotch

1916 Milo cigarette ad from Life

1916 Buick ad

1917 Work and Win

1920 Farmer Burns pamphlet

1921 Farmer Burns ad

1923 toothpaste ad

Muscle Builder (unknown date)

1923 Burns ad

1923 Burns ad

1926 Burns ad

1924 book ad

1927 Burns ad

1928 Burns ad

1934 Gotch Harley ad

1938 Street &
Smith's Sports

1935 Spalding equipment ad

1930's Clark Axles ad

1950's du Maurier cigarette ad


1950s Munsingwear

1957 Sports Illustrated
cover with Dan Hodge of OK

1965 Mexican comic book
about American
Terry McCaan

1967 Grips Shoes

1967 Sports King Ensolite Mats

1968 Polvonite Wrestling Mats

1970 Bata Bullets Wrestling Shoes

1974 Tiger shoes

1975 Tiger shoes

1976 Tiger shoes

1977 Tiger shoes

1977 Vans shoes

1978 Vans shoes

Bianco Footwear

1981 Z-Bec vitamin ad with Dan Gable

1998 Dupont Lycra ad

2000 Abercrombie & Fitch ad

2000 Abercrombie & Fitch ad

2000 Rulon Gardner milk ad

2000 Asics ad

2000 In School Sports

2000 Gutches Asics ad

2000 Gardner Asics ad

2000 Dallas News ad

2002 Sanderson Keen ad

2002 Sanderson Asics ad

2003 Matman catalog cover

Asics ad

Asics Split Second Ad

Cliff Keen ad

Cliff Keen ad

Nike Dan Russell ad

Patrick Cox Wannabe Shoe ad

Commonwealth Camp ad

Softial Fabric Softener ad

Nickel skin care ad, France

Virgin Mobile Phones

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