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1870 Swinnebago Indians wrestling

Wrestling sequences by photographer Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904)
inventor of the zoopraxiscope process

Greco-Roman sequence, 1887

still from "Animal Locomotion"

various stills

animated sequence from
"Animal Locomotion" 1884-5

Muybridge sequences, Animal Locomotion, unknown plate number as seen on the left

Muybridge sequences, Plate 346

Muybridge sequences, Plate 348

Muybridge sequences, Plate 520

Thomas Eakins 1883 wrestling study

Thomas Eakins wrestling study for his 1899 painting

William M. Van der Weyde study, 1900

second image

third image

1907 Italian wrestling scene

1917 Navy


Gothenberg statue

1923 Science of Wrestling
photos from his book
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French Sailors, date unknown

Glima, 1929

College Teams

1905 Yale wrestling team

1908 Cornell wrestling team

1910 Cornell wrestling team

1910 Luther College wrestling team

1910 Greek Wrestling Club, Hull House, Chicago

1911 Cornell wrestling team

1912 Cornell wrestling team

1912 University of Chicago wrestling team

1912 Penn State wrestling team

1913 Penn State wrestling team

1914 Yale wrestling team

1917 Lehigh wrestling team

1918 MIT wrestling team

1918 University of Virginia wrestling team

1922 Iowa champions

1922 University of Pennsylvania wrestling team

1923 Oklahoma State wrestling team

1925 Cornell wrestling team

1925 Oklahoma State wrestling team

1926 Oklahoma State wrestling team

1927 Oklahoma State wrestling team visiting the White House

1929 University of Pennsylvania wrestling practice

1929 Princeton wrestling team

1930 Oklahoma State wrestling team fun shot

1930 Springfield College wrestling team

Other Teams and Misc.

1922 Greco-Roman world champions, Stockholm, Sweden

1924 US Olympic wrestling team

1930s Russian workout

1934 Greco-Roman world champions

1934 German wrestling team

1935 unknown match

1936 Canadian Olympic wrestling team

unknown outdoor match

unknown outdoor match

Naval Great Lakes team

Naval Great Lakes Center

1949 Rogers Nubian wrestling

1983 Bill and Jim Scherr wrestling photo by Bruce Weber

1990s barn roof wrestling photo by Bruce Weber

1996 Olympic Team promo

Cael Sanderson and the Bear photos by Bruce Weber

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