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Postcards Turn of the Century Champs

1880 unknown pair cabinet card

1881 Theo Bauer cabinet card

1881 John McMahon cabinet card

1880 Favonet cabinet card

1895 cabinet card

1895 cabinet card

Borychenko (Russia)

Chzbishko (Russia)

Ivan Romanov (Russia)


Russian trio


1905 Jsoukup, Czechoslovakia

1906 German champ

Ahmed Madrali (Turkey)

1906 Alex Munro (Great Britain)

1909 Max Brenton

World champions, unknown year

various champs

Laurent Beaucairois

1911 Alex Jarvinen

Alex Jarvinen

1910 Peter Krylov (Russia)

Prilakett (Finland)

Tigane (Russia)

Zbyszko (Russia)

Assorted Russian Champs

Aberg of Russia

Padoubny of Russia

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