Win My Amateur Wrestling Web Site Award!

Tom Fortunato's 'Web's Best' Web Site Award

This award is to recognize excellence in content and design of amateur wrestling web sites.

Thanks for looking into winning my web award. I'm doing this for a few reasons. As you can imagine, I do a lot of web surfing to find all of these links. I've seen the good, the bad, and too much of the ugly when it comes to web sites. I can't claim to be an expert, but I know a good one when I see it. I'd like to help you improve your site by giving you the following guidelines. To win my award, your site must be superior in content and design, and follow these steps:

Absolutely necessary...
1. Clearly display your city, state and/or country on the main page. A contact address and phone number is a plus.
2. Mention when the site was updated last on the main page. It should have been updated within the past 30 days.
3. Provide a "clickable" email address on the main page to the web master or contact person. An inquiry "form" does not fulfill this requirement.
4. All links must work.
5. Photos!
6. A "Links" page. (Of course, I'd like my site on there!)
7. Schedules and/or scores posted must be current and/or updated.
8. If music is used, provide a button to stop it on demand.
9. Absolutely no content dealing with "professional wrestling" or related "entertainment".

Subjective points...
10. Content should be organized in logical way.
11. Web pages should be relatively fast loading.
12. Do not clutter each page.
13. Keep the number of gifs and images on each page reasonable.
14. Provide an easy way of getting from one page to another.
15. Colors/backgrounds used should be contrasting and complimentary.
16. Use a minimal number of different fonts.
17. Non-English language sites will be considered.
18. Surprise me!

How to Apply
I will not issue an award on my own. It must be applied for. The recommender must be involved with the site in some way. By email, send me the following:

  • Your name and relationship to the site (web master, team member, etc.)
  • The site's full URL (http://etc.)
  • The email address of the web master or contact person.
  • A brief description of why you think the site should win the award.

    I'll review the site and try to get back to you within a week. If you win the award, the web master must agree to put the html code (which I'll send) on the main page of the site. Once done, a special image will be put next to that site's link in my main listings. If your site isn't selected, some tips on improving it will be sent.

    Many will enter, few will win!

    Click here to send me your recommendation!