Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Cards Misc. 1950-1959

1950 Nace detergent cards, Cuba

1950 Go Fish Happy Families cards, Netherlands

1950 Unknown Israeli card

1952 Kosmo cigarette cards, Germany

1950's Chocolat Cantaloup, France

1950's Yugoslavia card

1952 Cap Blue Cheese

1953 Kellog's All Wheat, Canada

1952 Olympische Spiele series, Cologne, Germany
Gesunde Tefelfreuden (Healthy Delicacies) Cookbook ad, Series 15, card 31 of 48

1954 Quaker Oats
Jack Riley, card 16 of 27

1954 Motte-Cordonnier Beer

1954 Reichenbach cigarette cards, East Germany (DDR)

1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland Card 52 of 100

1956 unknown Swedish cards

1956 Coles Swap Card #1240 Olympics Wrestling

1956 Doranin Margarine

Kohler Chocolate

Schwer Athletic series by Sammelmettbemrb

unknown misc. Spanish cards

El Periodico de Catalunya, Spain
1908 Italian Olympic gold medalist Enrico Porro
History of the Olympics, unknown year

Unknown Italian cards

1958 Sweetule Products Limited Sports Quiz card 21

1959 Comet Sweets card 43

1959 Fleer Eskimo Wrestling

1959 Editorial Bruguera, Enciclopedia Deportiva, Spain

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