Amateur Wrestling Collectibles Gallery
Cards 1960-1971

1960 Swedish Cards

1960, Spain

Greco-Roman #218
Greco-Roman #219
Greco-Roman #220
Greco-Roman #221
Greco-Roman #222
Freestyle #223
Freestyle #224
Freestyle #225

1960's Spain

Lucha Libre #89
Greco Romana #92
Combate Desportivo #174

1960 Gregoire Confectionery, Sports of the World, France

Greco-Roman Wrestling

1962 Nabisco Pty. Biscuits, Australia

Commonwealth Games, card 24

1964 Chix Confectionery Company, Sport Through The Ages, Great Britain

Wrestling card 10

1964 Toho, Japan

1964 Veb Eggs and Heinz Baked Beans, Australia

1965 Jacques Chocolate, Sports of the World, Belgium

Card 11 Breton Wrestling (France)

Sumo (Japan)

Schwingen (Switzerland)

1965 Spanish Nestles cards

Aleksandr Medved

1966 Obsequio Cigarettes, Lucha Canaria Series, Spain

Martin Estevez
Andres Garcia
Carmelo Medina
Santiago Ojeda
Chicho Ramos

1967 Panini cards, Italy

Adelmo Bulgarelli
Ignazio Farba
Sabastiano Mannironi
Aberto Picaiani

1968 Panini Campioni Dello Sport, Italy (Italy)

card 448 Giovanni Gozzi

1969 Gloria Bilder Dienst cards, Germany

1969 Panini Cards, Italy

1970 Panini Cards, Italy

1970 Swedish Cards

1971- Panini Olympia "History of the Olympic Games", Italy

#22 C. Shuhmann & G. Tsitas (finalists of the first modern Olympic Games)

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